Friday, April 07, 2017

EU-friendly local authorities - a way of breaking thought the media blackout.

Anyone who was at there on March the 25th, the biggest pro-EU march there has ever been in Britain, knows we can stop Brexit. But with the media taking on a herd mentality of the inevitability of Brexit which means excluding voices resistance and remain voters are chosen to be those who are depressed and acquiescent.
CND faced a similar problem 35 years ago and came with a number of inventive ways to their issue on the agenda. One of these was getting local authorities to declare themselves as nuclear free zones. That idea is easily adaptable to the struggle for Europe. Getting local authorities to declare themselves as EU-friendly districts (or whatever) provides a local focus for local activist groups and success would send a clear message to both the media and the local MPs. As important it would encourage fellow remainers that it is still worth fighting Brexit. Most valuable of all would be for us to win over local authorities in areas that at the time of the referendum voted leave.


Unknown said...

I guess some of the hard remain inner London boroughs might be the ideal guinea pigs for this, but I don't know how we approach them.

dejvidb said...

The best way to convince other people it is worth doing is start such a campaign ourselves. I agree the inner London boroughs are likely to be the first place we succeed but the actions we towards that end (lobbying local councilors local petitions etc) will have value in themselves as well as building towards eventual success.