Thursday, September 29, 2005

Free Speech in Brighton - and Baghdad

Free Speech in Brighton - and Baghdad
A party that won't tolerate free speech in its own ranks is not one that deserves anyone's vote but at the end of the day if Labor Party decides that
should be evicted that's their affair.

What is not their affair is that Walter Wolfgang was held under the terrorism act when he tried to reenter the conference. I'm not going to say I'm shocked. I was shocked when the British parliament passed that act. That was the Rubicorn and abuses of the act like this can be expected for so long as it remains on the statue book.

But Wolfgang was wrong. However much that the coalition has done much that has been counterproductive – it is fighting on the side of democracy and freedom. The “resistance” have been quite open about their hatred and democracy. Should they win any hope of freedom of even most trivial kind will be wiped out for whole generation of Iraqis.

I don't like Straw but he wasn't talking nonsense – just the simple truth.

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