Friday, July 15, 2005

London Together after the Bombings on Trafalger Square

I chose this detail from the pictures I took because of the contrast. Of course it doesn't automatically follow that waving a Union Jack means that person is opposed to a pull out from Iraq. And the people carrying the "London-Fallujah No more bombs" might have just have meant that air attacks is not the right way to fight terrorism in Iraq (but I suspect not). I was a little uncomfortable that was there was a section who took an anti war message from the atrocity on the 7th of July. I think is quite possible that, in the short term, a pull out from Iraq would take the heat off us but it wouldn't reduce suicide bombings. Instead of us in London, other people somewhere else in the world would be victims. But London wouldn't be united if those who are anti war hadn't been there. London being united doesn't mean we don't disagree.

I'm not so sure about the Stop the War Coalition folk tho. I got into an argument with one of them - okay, I picked an argument with one of them. Did he think pulling British and American troops out o Iraq would end the war. Yes he was 100% sure. So why, I asked him, are most of the victims Iraqi? "I don't know." When someone can't attempt a coherent argument they can't blame others for suspecting that they arn't being totally honest in their aims. My suspicion is that they are not anti war but pro war - just they want the Iraqi "resistance" to win.

I have never been to Iraq and don't know whether the terrorists will succeed in dividing Iraqis, one against each other but I do know they won't succeed in London. That was the message that virtually every speaker gave and we standing there didn't mind the repetition - it was what we wanted to hear.


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