Sunday, March 27, 2005

Beirut bombing

Yet another bombing in Beirut,
this from the BBC
"The blast occurred at about 2130 local time (1930 GMT) and was heard across the capital.

Paramedics carry an injured man after the blast
Injured were taken to a local hospital

The bomb appeared to have been placed between a car and one of the factories, police said.

The ensuing blaze was fueled by the flammable material stored in many of the industrial buildings."

The opposition blame the Syrian government which points to the imperative to speed up the Syrian armies withdrawal.

On the clarityandresolve blog they are blaming Hizbollah
But, you know, it was probably just the terrorist killers faction of Hizbollah who did this. No need to let this little matter (and the one last week) get in the way of the West dealing with Hizbollah's legitimate political party

The Shiah are the largest group in Lebanon and like it or not many Shiah support Hizbollah. To that extent they are a legitimate political party. Legitimate political parties don't however need armed wings. In short democracies can't fucntion when political parties hang onto political wings. But the wrong isn't entirely on their side. Despite amendments, the constitution remains rigged against the Shiah and the Maronite Christian political forces really should be thinking about offering a less sectarian basis for Lebanese politics

But I feel sure that the Lebanese can sort these political problems out if left to themselves. Which is why the Syrian army needs to be out now.

Update: This blog sums up why I don't suspect Hizbollah (which really only leaves the Syrian government as a suspect)

A bomb went off in East Beirut last night, injuring at least 8 people. Frankly, this is an attempt to destabilize Lebanon and render the peaceful demonstrations and uprisings that had been happening impotent. Nobody is taking credit for these attacks, which is even more suspect. Someone always takes credit. I don't know what this means, but every Lebanese person you ask is dead convinced that these last three bombs weren't planted by their own people. Why? Because the ghost of the civil war still haunts the minds of everyone in this country, young or old. No group, no sect, no religion won that war. Massacres happened to everyone and the group that an outside army would be protecting one week would be against them the next. That war scarred people and their greatest fear is of it breaking out again.

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